Thursday, July 26, 2007

Quick Draft Question

Today's QDQ is a multiple choice.

IF Mike Conley Jr. somehow turns out to be a total bust for the Memphis Grizzlies, Chris Wallace will later say:

1) It was Jerry's pick.

2) It was Red's pick.

3) It was my pick. I made a mistake.

4) I cannot comment at this time as I am busy trying to sell my Austin Croshere Celtics jersey on ebay.

5) I traded the 8th pick in the draft which would have been used to select Shawn Marion for Vitaly Potapenko. Later I turned around and traded Vitaly Potapenko for Vin Baker. Despite this, I got a huge raise in Boston and then landed the GM job in Memphis. Isn't that amazing? Wait, what was the question?

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