Friday, August 10, 2007

Don't worry about Reggie (a reggietorial)

Reggie Miller could become a Celtic.


I could probably end right there, but won't-- Here's the single factor to keep in mind when considering the whole greenreggie phenomenon that could be unfolding. It's the only thing any of us needs to remember: Reggie will not embarrass himself. WILL NOT.

The only way Reggie will suit up and give it a try in training camp is if he has a strong notion that he'll be able to play and play well; that he'll hurt other teams and not himself; that he'll drive Spike Lee crazy and not Celtic fans. (By the way Spike, fabulous A+ job on your Denzel Washington tour de force The Inside Man. That movie was so terrific, I can't believe a Knicks fan made it.)

Back to Reggie:

* He's working out hard over the coming days, seeing if his body can give it a try. If the answer is yes...

* ...he'll go to training camp. If he's effective there that would be great...

* ...then he'll commit to the team and don the best looking uniform he's ever worn, and he'll play.

Let me stress this again, and I cannot emphasize it enough: *He will only play this season If He Can Play.* In other words, if he's on the Celtics this season, he's there to sting people with his jumpers and earn a ring, not to wave a towel on the sidelines and get one by default. It's a no lose proposition for both Mr. Miller and the Celtics. Either Reggie will be effective or he won't even try. There won't be any in between.

No one's done it before? That doesn't mean it can't be done. If anyone can play well at age 42, he can.

Here's hoping Reggie Miller has still got it. Here's hoping he joins the three current stars and makes this a hall of fame quartet.

Above all, let the good times roll. Every single person reading this does not need to be reminded how long and difficult of a wait it has been. The Celtics are back baby! November can't come soon enough!

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