Tuesday, December 2, 2008

10 things after 9 straight

1) Pause to Reflect

Are you a little worried about the back up center spot, or back up point, or allocation of minutes to some young guy who you just know would help the team? You think Garnett should be shooting more? You wonder about Rondo's free throw shooting?

Stop. Give it up. Quit worrying. This, right now, is as good as it gets. This as good as you will ever have it.

The Boston Celtics are on a 9 game winning streak. They are defending champions. They are 17-2 and visibly gaining momentum.

You'll never have a more comfortable hoops moment than now. Please pause to enjoy it.

2) Rondo

He of the gargantuan hands has taken a LEAP. He has become an elite passing point guard. You can combine that with his lofty FG%, position leading blocks, numerous steals, shutdown D, mesmerizing speed, and defense shredding driving ability.

For the legion of nonCeltic affiliated Rondo-doubters out there all I have to say is this: If Rajon Rondo was on a mediocre team where he had to shoot a lot instead of on a GREAT team where he wisely makes his teammates better, he'd be scoring 20 a game.

3) Tommy Bashers

Fans of other teams: You don't like Tommy? We don't care. He's our guy. We love the Celtics and Tommy IS the Celtics. I've said this before: If you're hearing Tommy somewhere else in the country you're eavesdropping. The broadcast isn't meant for you!

You criticize him because he's a homer? Well, being a homer is okay with me. Tommy Heinsohn is a homer in the splendid tradition of the great Johnny Most. He's a regional treasure...

4) Refs

...and he gets to complain about the refs. Why? Because of legal precendent from his ref-warring days when he was the best coach in the game. The rest of you- I'm talking to you fans of other teams: When the Celtics kick your favorite franchise's posterior back to the D-league, it's because the Green is BETTER than your squad...

That's it. David Stern didn't do it. The refs certainly didn't do it. Garnett, Pierce, Allen, Rondo, Perkins and the Celtics bench did it.

5) Other Coaches.

And another thing for you opposing fans: Get off your coach's back. What's Sam Mitchell supposed to do with the talent he has and Jermaine O'Neal hobbled? How about Mo Cheeks getting a lumbering Elton Brand to squeeze in with his non-shooting racehorses? Or Don Nelson with his best players injured, young, or gone?

I'll tell you: They're gonna lose some games, maybe a lot of games. These guys are good coaches but just like Doc Rivers when he didn't have the players, they are not going to win big.

6) Summary To This Point For Fans Of Other Teams

Quit complaining about the following: Tommy, refs, David Stern, your own coach, losing to a team with three hall of famers, and quit underestimating Rondo. Please retain some dignity.

7) Great Starts

The Celtics, Cavs and Lakers are off to really impressive starts. But do not discount the emergence of other teams by playoff time. If anyone thinks the Spurs (when healthy) can't play with the best in the game they have short memories and have forgotten San Antonio's every-other-year thing.

8) Devin Harris

Whoa! It's very impressive what the young man is doing. Dallas must be sick over this. Fortunately for Boston, Rondo matches up very well with Harris.

9) Spring Roster

Is the current roster the playoff roster? Last year at this time therre was no PJ Brown. There are rumors the Celtics might pick a player up by midseason: Horry (huh?) Marbury (double huh?) Joe Smith, or maybe even PJ Brown himself.

10) Sam

As far as that goes, Sam Cassell seems very comfortable with his quasi-assistant coach role. He doesn't appear to care about minutes, or even giving up his uniform to bring in someone else. But he got two techs and an ejection last night! I wonder what he said from the bench.

I can see why they kept him around. He's smart and a great team guy.

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