Sunday, December 7, 2008

10 quick things

1) Ubuntu

How do you say, "The bench sucks," in Swahili? I mean they don't (at all) but after the KG/Baby incident I'm just asking.

2) Rondo

I confess. On RealGM, I've been Rondobaiting. Is that immoral? It sort of sounds like it is.

I've been going to other boards and politely telling them Rondo's better than their guy. I know it's wrong, but Lord help me, I can't stop.

3) To the people who made fun of Mr. Davis:

I wrote this elsewhere (I'm trying to get up to 10 things quickly because I've got to go to work.):

"Yeah, real men don't show emotion! Real men go on RealGM and whine incessantly about the refs and Kevin Garnett's personality...

(That's why they call it "Real"GM.)"

4) Vecsey

Great line from Peter Vecsey in today's NY Post:

"AFTER visiting the Jose Conseco Fieldhouse tomorrow, the 19-2 Celtics invade our nation's capital Thursday. Given the way they're playing, David Stern has canceled the remainder of the season, called off the playoffs and ordered them to go straight to the White House."

5) Giddens and Walker:

Are playing better in the D-league than Gabe Pruitt ever did. Bill Walker could be contributing to the big squad now if there were adequate minutes for him.

6) Techs

I just read in the papers today that the Celtics lead the league by far in technical fouls. So let me ask you this whiny fans of other teams: If the refs are favoring the Celtics how come they keep T-ing the green guys up?

If anything the refs are mad at the Celtics.

7) Evening Out

Ray's improved because of health and Rondo. Rondo's improved dramatically. Perkins has improved. Garnett and Pierce have gotten some of the load taken off their shoulders. This is a five pronged trouble machine for other teams. The Celtics are really formidable now- even moreso than last year.

8) Big 4

Who's been not only the best point guard in the East but the best player on the Celtics the past few weeks? It's Rondo! Rondo has actually been more important to this team recently than Garnett, Pierce or Allen!!

If he maintains or improves on this level of play, it's the Quality Quartet, the Terrifying Tetrad, yes... The BIG FOUR.

9) O'Bryant

I'm very very patient in making judgements about young big men, but Patrick's not giving me anything to be positive about yet. I'm not giving up hope, but I'm looking for a reason here.

10) Streak

11 in a row. It must be frustrating for Cleveland and LA to win 9 out of 10 and lose ground.

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